Future Use of Fermi Advisory Committee

Enfield Board of Education
Future Use of Fermi Advisory Committee

The Enfield Board of Education announced the membership of the Future Use of Fermi Advisory Committee at their February 25th regular Board meeting. The committee membership is listed below.

Posted on the left side of this page you will find several links where you can view agendas, minutes, requested information, press releases and contact information.

If you have any questions, please call 860-253-6531. Thank you.

Tom Sirard, Chairman
Ray Peabody, Board Member
Stacy Thurston, Board Member

Jeffrey A. Schumann, Superintendent
Christopher J. Drezek, Deputy Superintendent

Ashley Buck Hurley, Enfield Public Schools Teacher
Michael A. Pescitelli, Enfield Public Schools Teacher

Marie Pyznar, Enfield Citizen
Keith Winans, Enfield Citizen

Posted: 02-27-14
Updated: 03-24-14