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Discovery Education has provided a curated list of updates below, which includes links to relevant resources and virtual events available within our current DE Streaming service.   

Timely Content:   

·         Earth Day Journal Strategy - Chesapeake Bay Watershed  - Use the instructional strategy Journals as a summarizing activity that allows students at various levels of academic vocabulary to participate by drawing, writing a few short phrases, or composing complex sentences. Find more Earth Day activities here.

·         The Science of Opioid Addiction - Curriculum Resources -  Aligned to national health and science standards, these resources introduce students to the science behind opioids and their impact on the brain and body.

·         Memorial Day Activity Board - As your students get ready for summer, use this Board as a classroom activity or project to engage them in designing a memorial to honor an individual or event.

Professional Learning Opportunities:  

·         April Webinar Series

o   Intro to Discovery Education Streaming - April 14th 4 PM EST -  Tune in to learn more about best practices for using Streaming in the classroom. This webinar will feature updated resources and tools you may not know about!

§  Session 2 on April 28th 4 PM EST

o   Intro to Board Builder - April 18th 4 PM EST -  An overview of a tool embedded into Streaming that has been designed for students to demonstrate their learning. It also explores ways teachers can employ it for instruction.

o   SOS: Instructional Strategies for Digital Integration - April 19th 4 PM EST -  This webinar will feature just a few of the over 100 strategies developed to use with different types of materials found in Discovery.

Upcoming Virtual Experiences:  

·         Know the Risks: The Facts About E-Cigarettes Virtual Field Trip - April 25th at 1 PM EST  - Join Discovery Education, the CDC, and host U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, to examine the science behind e-cigarettes and the impact they can have on teenagers’ well-being.

·         The Science Behind Your Food Virtual Field Trip - May 11th 1 PM EST - Join us live from Cargill’s Innovation Center in Wichita, Kansas as we take students inside the world of agriculture to learn how careers in science and technology play a key role in getting food to your table.


As you may or may not be aware, our district currently subscribes to Discovery Education Streaming,which is a comprehensive digital curriculum resource. They have recently added new resources and content for Back-to-School, specifically designed to support instruction and make navigating the site easier.

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 need any help, please contact Discovery

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 Fall2016 Updates from Discovery Education:  

·    Professional Learning Center: This new section of the site provides resource sand support for  getting started, looking for instructional strategies, participating in events, or connecting with the Discovery Education Community.Highlights include:

o    Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) – We’veadded over 100 new instructional strategies to help you engage students usingdigital media. 

o    DE in-Action Live Webinar – August 30th:  This series takes you inside areal classroom to showcase how teachers are using the SOS Strategies and otherDE resources "in action."  More information to come on our live Back-to-School Webinar Series in September…

o    Interactive Training Courses  - Through a series of easy-to-follow steps, our self-paced trainings have been developed to guide you through the service and dive deeper into digital integration.

o    Step-by-Step Guides: These guides, along with accompanying video vignettes, provide everything you need tounderstand the resources, tools, and programs to start your digital journey.

·    Content Collections: We've added 115+ new custom curations that not only spotlight our best content, but also include Lesson Starters and InstructionalStrategies (SOS) to help you use this content in your classrooms.

·     New Search Function: An upgraded search engine provides more accurate and relevant results than ever before.

o    A highly visual results page allowseducators to preview and select the right resources

o    New user-requested filter options, includingvideo and audio duration, reading levels, and primary source materials