Superintendent's Message

Winter's Weather Ahead...... 
A reminder for all families, students, and staff of changes to our early release and early dismissal schedule for this school year. As the winter season approaches, it may become necessary for me to enact one of these revised schedule changes, and I want all families, students, and staff to be aware that changes to the school day may be different from previous years. 
  • In the event a delayed opening is necessary, in addition to our traditional two-hour delay, we have added a three-hour delay to our schedule to assist our buildings and grounds crews to prepare the schools to open without having to cancel the entire day. 
  • On both the two-hour and three-hour delay schedule, dismissal times for all K-12 students will remain unchanged. The only difference with a three-hour delay is that both AM and PM Integrated Pre-K, as well as Head Start, would be canceled for that day. 
  • The two-hour delay schedule is unchanged from previous years. 
  • We have also added an additional early release option that will permit us to hold classes but release students earlier in the day if necessary. This schedule will run without lunch being served, as students will be dismissed earlier than the traditional early release times. You can access all of these updated schedule changes on our district website under the 2018-2019 School Calendar, as well as on each individual school’s homepage. 
I fully understand that these changes may be confusing at first, and it is my hope that I will not have to enact any of them, but with winter quickly approaching, I wanted to send this reminder for everyone before weather-related issues arise. 
My first priority is always the safety of our students and staff, and it is my hope that these additional options for altering the school day will allow us more flexibility to manage the winter season and conclude our school year on schedule.
Chris Drezek
Superintendent of the Enfield Public Schools.