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All Enfield Public Schools have upgraded to the cafe "Point of Sale Terminals" You can add payment via or send in money to put on your students account. Don't pay the hassle of remembering to give your child money each day!
Important Information concerning Graduated Senior Students or students who have withdrawn with Balances left on Account.
Please contact our office to arrange for a refund for any SENIOR or withdrawn students who have monies left on their account. All other students monies will automatically transfer to their new assigned school. Please call 860-253-6511 and please leave a message if there is no answer. We will return your call as soon as possible.
Thank you,

Nutrition Services Department

Please see the Welcome Back to school  message below for new information.

Join us for Breakfast at
Enfield Public Schools!

Elementary Schools:    Starts 15 minutes prior to the start of school.                        

High Schools:   Before school and during Period 1 and 2 study hall.  Check with the café staff for exact times.  

What do you get?  
 At the Elementary Schools:  Get your “Grab~a~Bag” breakfast in the cafeteria. Eat in the cafeteria or save it for snack time in the classroom. If you can’t finish before it’s time to go to homeroom, unopened items can be put back in the bag and you can bring it to your classroom and eat it during snack time.

At the High Schools: Select from a choice of items to make a reimbursable breakfast or just grab a quick snack.  (Eating in the classrooms is not allowed at the high schools.)

            Breakfast offerings include healthy whole grain breakfast items, fruit or juice, and fat free or 1% white or chocolate milk.


What does it cost?

            Free if you have an approved free lunch application* on file.

            $.25  if you have an approved reduced lunch application* on file.

            $1.00  Elementary Full Price & $1.50 High School Full Price
                  (if you do not have an approved application on file).

*Applications can be obtained at your school or on the tab to your left. Bring completed application to any school for processing.

How do you pay?  
            Elementary students pay in the breakfast line the same day they want breakfast or can prepay on the first day of the week for the week. Prepayments should be in an envelope marked with the student’s name, classroom and days you are paying for. Please send in exact amount in cash only. No change will be returned.  At this time, we cannot take checks for breakfast.  
            High School students pay in line or can prepay at 

Any questions? Call our office ~ Nutrition Services 860-253-6511

 Start your day the healthy way!


Enfield Nutrition Services
27 Shaker Road  Enfield Ct   860-253-6511 or -6509



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Online payment is available at all of Enfield Public Schools !

    Go to to create your account. Follow instructions on website to put money on student account or 
to access their purchase history!

Welcome to the new school year!
September 2016

          There are some new changes this year. Please read the message below.

Elementary Lunch  $1.75 
Secondary Lunch $2.25.

  Dear Enfield Families,

    Welcome back to school! I hope you and your families had a great summer and are ready for a new school year.  Please keep reading to hear about any changes for this school year.
     All of our grain items are now considered "whole grain" meaning at least 51% of the grain ingredients are whole grains. The remaining grains must be enriched.  Any items containing grains are affected by this which results in healthier entree and snack items. In addition, the items sold as a la carte and snacks (cookies and ice cream) also have to meet new regulations limiting calories, fat and sodium levels. As a result, we have changed the cookies and ice cream we sell to reflect these healthy regultions. 

    With the start of full day Kindergarten two years ago, these students continue to be eligible for lunch and breakfast. Lunch price at K-5 schools is $1.75. Students approved for free or reduced price lunches can also get breakfast.  Please encourage your child to eat both meals and take advantage of the benefit you receive.  The cost for breakfast at K-5 schools for those with paid status is $1.00.   More information on the breakfast program at your school will be sent home via your student.

    School meals offer students a nutritious and well balanced lunch consisting of milk, fruits and vegetables, proteins and whole grains, and must meet strict limits on saturated fats and portion size.  A few of the key points of the New Meal Pattern we follow are: 

 ·         Age-appropriate calorie limits 

 ·         Larger servings of vegetables and fruits (student must take at least one serving of fruit or vegetable)

 ·         A wider variety of vegetables, including dark green and red/orange vegetables and legumes.

 ·         Fat-free or 1% milk (flavored milk must be fat-free)

 ·        All grain ingredients are whole grains

 ·         Sodium reduced   

The New Meal Pattern is reflected in our menus.  Monthly menus are sent to you via the school your child attends at the elementary level. In addition, all school menus are posted on our website: .   Just click on District Departments, and then Nutrition Services. In addition to the menus you will find other useful information such as free and reduced meal applications, snow day cancellation menu changes and payment information. 

Thank you,
Diane Edwards
Director of Nutrition Services

Linden’s Cookies are here!


Whole Grain Goodness and Great Flavors!

Only $.75 at JFK and High Schools only.

Why did we change? There are new Smart Snacks federal nutritional guidelines for School Year 2014-15. All a la carte and "snack" items must meet the new Federal guidelines. The guidelines restrict calorie count, sodium levels, and fat content.
The good news..... our snacks are much healthier now!