Putting on AIRS Asthma Program


When it comes to managing asthma,

we’ve done our homework!

Our FREE Putting on AIRS asthma program has been shown to reduce school absenteeism and lost days at work!

A FREE home assessment will identify things that may be triggering attacks or making asthma worse!

FREE educational and training materials will help you develop a plan to better manage asthma!

Comments from those who have benefited from a Putting on AIRS home assessment:

"The program has made a world of difference! "AIRS was beyond wonderful." "Have not had to go to the MD." "No missed school days in the past 3 months!" "The whole program worked wonders!" "Have not needed nebulizer treatments." "Went from zero symptom-free days to 14 symptom-free days in a two-week period." "Only used rescue inhaler twice in the past month compared to four times in one week."

To schedule a FREE Putting on AIRS home assessment visit: Call North Central District Health Department at 860-745-0383 or ask your child’s school nurse for more info.

North Central District Health Department

This program is funded by the Connecticut Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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