PE & Health Needs Assessment 2015

PE / Health Needs Assessment

Name       School  


Levels Taught (please check all that apply) K – 5    6 - 8     9 - 12


Subject(s) Taught (please check all that apply)   P.E.   Health    Other 


  1. (a) How are you currently using technology in your content area?

    (b)  Is there technology you would like to use but do not have access to?  (please be as specific as you can, particularly if it is software)
  2. Are you T.E.A.M. (Teacher Education and Mentoring) trained?
    Yes    No

    Would you like to be? Yes    No
  3. Please list at least 3 ideas for professional development that you feel is most needed to assist you with reaching your full potential in your content area.



  4. What are your short and long-term professional goals?



    How might I assist you in achieving your goals?

    Assist goals: 
  5. Have you initiated or do you participate in any school-wide programs? (this could include any family night programs or programs like Unified Sports)
  6. Please write a minimum of 3 adjectives that you feel best describes the outside perception of our department. 

    Are they accurate?  Yes     No 

    How would you like our department to be described?

  7. What do you perceive as your strengths in regards to teaching?

    What areas of your teaching do you feel need to be improved?

    How can I assist you?