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  April 2014  
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There will be a total lunar eclipse over the vacation!    If the weather cooperates, it should be a blood-red moon in the middle of the night.  It is occurring:


               NIGHT of Monday, April 14th: Total Lunar Eclipse

  • Partial eclipse begins 1:58 am (April 15th), when the moon begins to enter the penumbra
  • Total eclipse begins 3:07 am (April 15th), moon begins to plunge from the penumbra into the umbra. 
  • Totality: 3:07 am for 78 minutes, when the moon is in completely within the umbra – the midpoint is 3:46 am
  • Return into partial eclipse starts at 4:25 am, as the moon re-emerges into the penumbra
  • Partial eclipse ends 5:33 as the moon is completely out of the umbra but still in the penumbra
  • End of eclipse: 6:37 am


If you’re only going to get up for part of the eclipse, I’d recommend watching it entering into totality, somewhere around 2:30 am until totality at 3:07am.  Then go back to bed!


If you can’t see it from your home (for weather or being in the wrong place at the wrong time), the eclipse will be broadcast live from the SLOOH Observatory in the Canary Islands off North Africa, at


Article about the eclipse:


Happy Viewing, and Happy Vacation!

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