Updating Your Information Using HAC

**Parent / Guardian Updates Using Home Access Center

1.   Log-in to Home Access Center   HAC
2.   Click on Registration (left hand sidebar).
Click on Registration (left sidebar)

3.   Scroll down to “ Contact Information” and click on “Edit Information
Click on edit information

4.    Student information will appear first. You may change this information.

5.   **Guardian information will be next (scroll down).Edit information
* Home will be the primary contact number and cannot be left blank.
          Other phone numbers may be added.
* email
is optional.

6.    Don’t forget to “Save” located at the bottom of the page.
Be sure to click on Save!

7.  Any additional information that you would like to update can be made by clicking on:
At the top of the page for additional info 
at the top of the page.

Be sure to provide student’s name, ID # and date of birth in the email.