Training Subcommittee

The subcommittees created from the Suicide Awareness & Prevention Group continue to meet and work towards improving Enfield's awareness of and strategies to prevent suicides. The following summaries outline their work over the past month. Updates will be posted as received.

Training Subcommittee Minutes 03-07-12


Rich Monterosso  reported that the subcommittee had been convened during the 1/20/12 full committee session and had also met on 1/30/12 and 2/13/12. The group has been researching training and education options for town employees, school district employees (including employees of the contracted Smyth Bus Company), middle school students and high school students to establish proficiency in gatekeeper skills of identifying risk factors for suicide and providing appropriate support and referral to facilitate prevention, early intervention, crisis intervention and postvention (in the event of a critical incident). These would be taught in staff trainings and in student educational settings.

The subcommittee recommends that these skills be reviewed on an annual basis.  The subcommittee is also exploring train the trainer options which would provide for certification of local citizens and staff in nationally vetted gatekeeper training for parents/guardians and other interested people in the community.

The subcommittee is continuing to research available options.  Rich Monterosso has received recommendations from mental health professionals for brief, approximately one hour in length, trainings which could be implemented this spring for students (SOS Signs of Suicide) and for adults (QPR Question, Persuade, and Refer).  A more comprehensive integrated community training of trainers (CONNECT) would require implementation in stages including 3 day train the trainer workshops to credential local trainers in order to provide 6 hour trainings for adults/staff in the community or 3 hour trainings for youth.

Andrea Iger Duarte, MSW,MPH,LCSW, Behavioral Health Program Manager, CT Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Prevention and Health Promotion Unit continues to be available to assist Enfield in identifying programs, training opportunities and possible funding sources for prevention trainings. DMHAS is considering providing a regional CONNECT training which would allow Enfield leaders to experience this model as a paradigm for the community.

The packet of subcommittee materials distributed at the 3/7/12 meeting includes information about accessing the 211 United Way Emergency Mobile Crisis System.

Youth Suicide: Overview of the Problem - Risk and Protective Factors (Provided by SOS Program).

Information about the SOS Signs of Suicide Program (ACT – ACT,CARE,TELL) for Middle School Students and for High School Students.  This program can be presented with adult support present by a certified trainer or via an online tutorial format.  Additional information and the new DVD  “Friends for Life Preventing Teen Suicide” Video trailer are available <>

Information about QPR (Question,Persuade,Refer) Gatekeeper Training. UCONN campus officials have provided evaluative data on their experience with QPR. <>

Information on the CONNECT COMMUNITY GATEKEEPERS PROGRAM developed by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) New Hampshire.Training to strenthen connections between key community members and agencies to improve protective factors and effective responses to risk/warning <>

Information on THE PARENT PROJECT “Empowering Parents, Transforming Teens”  A free 10 week series starting 3/5/12 at the Town of Enfield Youth Services Angelo Lamagna Building. This series, which includes a free dinner for participants, will focus on strategies for preventing and intervening with destructive adolescent behaviors. To register, call 860-569-5900 ext #106. Jill Charbonneau, DCF Social Worker the full committee with additional information on her new program attended by 22 parents.


Subcommittee members will continue to review available information to determine which training programs to recommend to the full committee for implementation.

Rich Monterosso will contact the certified QPR trainers on the CCSU student Services staff to request a sample QPR training session on a Wednesday afternoon which would be open to any interested member of the full committee. The meeting would also allow time for feedback and discussion about appropriate training formats for Enfield.

Rich Monterosso will contact the CT Clearinghouse to request the updated version of the SOS training program.

The subcommittee will meet briefly at the beginning of the next full committee session on Wednesday, April 11 at 2:15 at the JFK library before reporting back to the full committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Rich Monterosso, Facilitator

Posted:  03-16-12