Parental Involvement & Identifying Students/Families At-Risk Subcommittee


The subcommittees created from the Suicide Awareness &Prevention Group continue to meet and work towards improving Enfield'sawareness of and strategies to prevent suicides. The following summariesoutline their work over the past month. Updates will be posted as received.

March 15, 2012

Parent Involvement and Engaging Difficult to Reach FamiliesSubcommittee Summary:

The Parent Involvement and Engaging Difficult to Reach Familiessubcommittee has been meeting on a regular basis to establish a means ofidentifying at-risk students and families and to improve our ability tocommunicate with these members of our community.  Our committee iscomprised of individuals from town agencies (school, youth services, andpolice), students, parents, and a local church.  We are very pleased withthe progress to date on several topics as they relate to our subcommittee, andwe look forward to our continued contributions to the District SuicidePrevention Committee.

The Parent Involvement and Engaging Difficult to Reach Familiescontinues to seek ways of identifying and monitoring students who have hadsuicidal ideation or exhibit the risk factors which may contribute to thoughtsof self-harm.  Our school system will continue to document and track thesestudents, and will be utilizing the student database system for ongoingmonitoring of these events.  Additionally, as part of the goal toidentify, engage, and offer programming for at risk families, we invited apresenter from the Department of Children and Families to discuss The ParentProject.  In partnership with Youth Services, this program is now beingoffered to families in the Town of Enfield.  More information can beobtained by calling 860-569-5900 ext. 106. 

The work of this Parent Involvement and Engaging Difficult toReach Families has also discussed ways in which information regarding communityresources can be disseminated throughout the community.  E-TV, ParentTeacher Organization meetings, district websites, and events such as Family Dayare all being considered as vehicles for providing information about suicideprevention.  Further, resources that are available to community memberswill be provided for each of these venues. 

Posted:  03-16-12