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Summer iPad Program

21_22 Summer iPad Instructions.pdf

We are excited to share that students will be taking their iPads home for the summer! As a result, all students currently in Grades K-8 will have access to continue using i-Ready to support their personalized learning of mathematics and reading skills. Students currently in Grades 9-11 are encouraged to use their iPads for any enrichment assignments including Khan Academy for personalized SAT skill practice.

i-Ready will continue to be available for students in Grades K-8 to utilize as an optional enrichment activity until Sunday, August 14th. At that point, we will begin the process of getting ready for the new school year. Students will resume having access after they take the first diagnostic, usually by the end of September. As optional enrichment and to support grade level skills, it is recommended that students complete 30-45 minutes in both reading and mathematics per week. See the iReady Flyer as well as the optional iReady tracking sheet provided in the next few pages. Use of the tracking sheet is completely optional for families; it will not be collected in the fall.

When all students (currently in Grades K-7, 9-11) return in the fall, they will continue to use their existing iPad; they must bring their charged iPad with them to start the year. There will be a process to update and refresh the devices for the new school year. In order to receive their new EHS iPad, students currently in Grade 8 must bring their existing iPad to the Freshman Orientation. More information regarding the orientation will be sent out at a later date.

In the following documents, you will find:

  • Directions for how to access iReady from an iPad for students in Grades K-8.

  • An optional iReady weekly tracking sheet to help keep track of student usage and progress (30-45 minutes in each subject per week is encouraged).

  • A flyer with tips for keeping the iPad running smoothly over the summer. Enfield Public Schools has protections in place to support the use of the iPad for instructional purposes. Some additional tips for Summer Use of the iPad include:

o Check the iPad for weekly Software Updates. o Keep the iPad in the case!

o Keep the iPad away from extreme heat and cold; keep it away from liquids.

o Charge the iPad overnight.

o Along with the flyer, additional options are available on the iPad Tips andTricks page located under EPS Tech Support.


Our EdTechHelp Team will be available by email over the summer for any support needs that arise. To contact the team, email: [email protected].