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To the entire Enfield Public Schools family,


Each year I send a welcome letter to staff and families, not just as an official end of summer for your kids, but to also share information on what changes will be made in your child’s school for the upcoming school year. Over the past year and a half, I must assume most of you are sick of getting letters from me. Full disclosure—I’ve gotten a little sick of writing them as well. When I first started as your Superintendent, a districtwide letter to all families happened twice a year. Since the pandemic started, it seems like I’ve cluttered your inboxes several times a week. Since I recently sent a letter on August 13 outlining our COVID protocols for this school year, I don’t want to take up anymore of your precious last few days of summer, so I’ll try to be brief. Nothing major has changed since my last communication, so in the essence of time, I won’t ask you all to read protocols for a second time. The only major change from my August 13 communication is that there is now a vaccine mandate for all school employees and contractors. If you fall into this category, as both a parent and an employee, you would have already received a more detailed message from me regarding this mandate. For those of you who are only parents, I’d like to take a break from all things COVID and remind all of you of a very important date coming up.


This coming Tuesday, September 7, is the first day of school. For our kids, the first day of school is a sign of a new school year and a new beginning. Yes, it will still look different with masks and distancing, but the hope that a new school year brings cannot get lost in the aggravation of the small disruptions to our daily lives. The first day of school for our students is one of the happiest days of the year for them, and I’ve learned these past two years, it is for our staff as well. These past two years have been hard on all of us, but in my opinion, it’s been hardest on our kids. Things we used to take for granted, like the simple interactions kids had with their teachers and friends, seem like a thing of the past. We now have an opportunity to safely get our kids back to where they belong—in school, every day. As parents, I want you to know that my highest priority is getting our kids back in school five days a week, and more importantly, keeping them there. Yes, there will be inconveniences we must endure to make this happen, but these inconveniences are worth it if we can give our children what they deserve. The promise of a new school is here, and the time has come to appreciate the things we have, rather than focusing too much on the things we still can’t do. So, on Tuesday we will welcome your children back to school for the 2021-2022 school year with the same optimism and enthusiasm that we do every year, and our staff will continue Making a Difference in Enfield – Every Child, Every Day.


All the best,


Chris Drezek
EPS Superintendent of Schools

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