Student Survey - Grades 3-5

Intermediate Grades 3 - 5

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Directions: Read the following statements carefully, then respond to the statements by clicking on the radio button in the response column “YES”, “SOMETIMES”, or "NO” that best describes whether you agree with that statement. 





EXAMPLE: I like listening to music.

  1.  My teacher listens to me.

  2.  My teacher gives me help when I need it.

  3.  My teacher shows me how to do new things.

  4.  I know what I am supposed to do in class.

  5.  I am able to do the work in class.

  6.  I learn new things in my class.

  7.  I feel safe in this class.

  8.  My teacher uses many ways to teach.

  9.  My teacher(s) are available and offer extra help.

10.  My teacher makes sure the students are well behaved.

11.  My teacher makes sure class time is used for teaching and learning.

12.  My teacher explains why I get things wrong on my work.

13.  My teacher shows respect to all students.

14.  My teacher is fair.