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The athletic programs at Enfield High School and JFK Middle Schoolare an integral part
of the educational process.The purpose of the programs are to stimulate students
to develop mutual interests, promote motivation andimprove their physical skills.

To be of maximum effectiveness,the athletic program is closely coordinated
with the general instruction of the school to provide the highest level of
instruction and support for our student athletes.


In the past few years we have seen more middle and elementary school students left unsupervised by their parents at high school athletic games and, consequently, more incidents of misconduct and other inappropriate behaviors by these students. This has particularly become a problem at night-time football games, where we have our largest number people attending including the largest gathering of 8th grade and younger students.

We seem to have more parents dropping their children off at the high school and then picking them up after the game. This is not safe. It is particularly unsafe at night-time football games, where a number of kids congregate in large groups within the spectator areas and on the adjoining unlighted sports fields to socialize and unfortunately also to become involved in misconduct.

While we have numerous school administration and security on hand, the size of the area and number of spectators diminish our ability to safely supervise unattended youngsters.

Along with the privilege of participating in an athletic contest, either as a spectator or player, comes the responsibility to exhibit exemplary conduct, spirit and sportsmanship. Enfield High School has been recognized in the past for its outstanding conduct and the example it portrays for others on and off the playing field.

We are being proactive in adjusting our attendance practice to ensure the safest environment possible for all who attend.

Moving forward…Children 8th grade and younger must be accompanied by an adult. 

  • 8th grade and younger students will not be allowed to attend home evening varsity/junior varsity contests without an adult attending the game with them. An adult may be a parent, coach, or grandparent. Children who arrive at the door or gate to a contest without an adult will be not be allowed to enter until proper adult supervision is provided.
  • This policy will be in effect for all evening varsity football games and evening games for boys’ and girls’ soccer, boys’ and girls’ basketball, boys’ and girls’ volleyball and wrestling.

 We thank you for your assistance in creating an inviting and safe environment and are willing to work together with us to actively model and teach children appropriate behavior and expectations.


If you will be transporting your child to and/or from an away sporting event, please CLICK HERE to complete the waiver at least 48 hours prior to event to allow Athletic Director to approve the transportation.  Please double check information before submitting.  AUTO FILL will put in incorrect information and the waiver will not be approved until ALL information is complete.


Checks made out to "Enfield Athletics" can be dropped of at the Athletics office at EHS(JFK:  Checks can also be given to Bob Cresotti, Faculty Manager)

If you wish to pay online, please go to



Each student-athlete is encouraged to complete the survey (see link below) about their athletic experience this past season.  The surveys are anonymous but the results will be reviewed and discussed with each coach.