"We believe every child is unique and the diversity of our students is what makes Enfield Public Schools exceptional.To thrive and excel, all are welcomed, accepted, respected, and supported."District Equity Statement



 Football James Lyver [email protected]
 Soccer-Boys Tony Allegro [email protected]
Soccer-Girls Kate Battista [email protected]
 Field Hockey Amy Bartholomew [email protected]
 Swimming-Boys Scott Vrooman [email protected]
 Swimming-Girls Debbie Goodman [email protected]
 Volleyball-Girls Judy Joslin [email protected]
 Cheerleading Jacquie Jeffers [email protected]
Cross Country Rob Barnes [email protected]
Basketball-Boys Kevin Zalucki [email protected]
Basketball-Girls Jay Gaucher [email protected]
Ice Hockey  Frank Genovese [email protected]
Indoor Track Stuart Sanborn [email protected]
Wrestling Jason Flynn [email protected]
Baseball Jay Gaucher [email protected]
 Softball Andrea Tarbox [email protected]
Outdoor Track-Boys Stuart Sanborn [email protected]
Outdoor Track-Girls Amy Bartholomew [email protected]
Volleyball-Boys Judy Joslin [email protected]
Tennis-Boys Armando Ramos [email protected]
Tennis-Girls Rob Barnes [email protected]
Lacrosse-Boys JT Galloway [email protected]
Lacrosse-Girls Kelsey Mcguire [email protected]
Soccer-Boys Carmen Nuccio [email protected]
Soccer-Girls Ryan Rossignol [email protected]
Cross Country Brian Zawodniak [email protected]
 Field Hockey Ashley Schell [email protected]
Basketball-Boys Mike Misseri [email protected]
Basketball-Girls Maggie Sayers [email protected]
Cheerleading Jacquie Jeffers [email protected]
Baseball Will Hearn [email protected]
 Softball Nicole Delano [email protected]