Free and Reduced Price Meal Application

Enfield Public Schools provides  FREE MEALS FOR ALL STUDENTS STARTING September 7th, 2021 to end of school in June 2022.

Due to a Covid waiver available from the USDA, in person students are eligible to receive a free breakfast and lunch through the National School Meals Program. This will apply to children who attend in-person learning only. Meals will be free to all students but an application may be needed to receive other benefits such as discounted sports fees and ERfC discounted rates. Please read below for more information.

In person students will receive full meals the same as they are now, but at no charge. There is still a charge for “milk only” purchases or if students at the Middle and High school purchase “a la carte” items. 

Application and Instructions for
Free and Reduced Price Meal Status 

Information Sheets

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Free and Reduced Meal Application 2021-2022

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Enfield Family Application 2021-2022.pdf

Please note, this is not a change to your current meal status. When the waiver expires at the end of this school year, your current meal status will be carried over for the first 30 days of the new school year. While all meals will be at no charge, you will still need to complete an application to be eligible for other  benefits associated with a Free or Reduced meal status – reduced student sport fees, ERfC child care programs discounts, cable internet discounts, etc.