District Safe School Climate Plan & Bullying Prevention Policy

The Enfield Board of Education approved and adopted the revised District Safe School Climate Plan and Bullying, Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Intervention Policy on May12, 2015.  In accordance with Connecticut State Statute PA-11-232, all Enfield Public School Employees have received a copy of both of these documents. 

Each school has appointed a Safe School Climate Specialist and a Safe School Climate Committee comprised of staff, administration and parent representation.  If any parent/guardian or student has any questions, please feel free to contact either the Safe School Climate Specialist at your child's school or the school principal. 

Deputy Superintendent of Schools, Christopher J. Drezek, is the District Safe School Climate Coordinator. 

Below is a list of the district's Safe School Climate Specialists:

Henry Barnard School, Nancy Hayes - 860-253-6541
Prudence Crandall School, Jennifer Miller - 860-253-6463
Enfield Street School, Katherine Reeves - 860-253-6563
Nathan Hale School, Irene Roman - 860-763-8895
Hazardville Memorial School, James Graham - 860-763-7501
Edgar Parkman School, Sarah Collins - 860-253-6571
Eli Whitney School, Sandra Ingalls, 860.763.7541
John F. Kennedy Middle School, Sarah Brown - 860-763-8866
Enfield High School, Erin Clark - 860-253-5543
Enrico Fermi High School, Altressa Cox-Blackwell  - 860-763-8807
Head Start, Deborah Clement - 860-253-6597
District Safe School Climate Coordinator, Chris Drezek- 860-253-6533

To view the District Safe School Climate Plan and Bullying Prevention and Intervention Policy, click on the links below.  Thank you.

Policy #5131.9 Bullying, Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Intervention Policy 

Administrative Regulation #5131.9 District Safe School Climate Plan 

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