Transportation - Bus Routes

Smyth Bus Protocols

  • Monday & Tuesday A-K Riders must wear masks at all times;
  • AM Run - Gr. 6-12 Riders will load from the back of the bus to the front and should not touch any seat while getting to their seats – Students in grades K-5 will be assigned seats;
  • Siblings can sit together;
  • Students cannot change seats once they have been seated;
  • Arrive at the school AM - Riders will disembark from the front of the bus to the back and should not touch any seats while getting off of the bus;
  • Bus Drivers will disinfect the bus before the afternoon pickup;
  • PM Run – repeat the same steps above;
  • Wednesdays, buses will be all thoroughly disinfected;
  • Thursday & Friday AM/PM L-Z Riders (repeat steps above).

2020/21 Bus Routes

The 2020/21 Bus Routes are located on the left side of this page.  

Bus routes will also be sent to each school to post on the entrance doors of each school as well as being posted at the Middle Road Public Library, Pearl Street Public Library, Family Resource Center and the Angelo Lamagna Activity Center for public viewing.

Please Note - Bus runs may change slightly prior to the start of school due to late enrollments For the latest up-to-date bus runs, please refer to this website.

All bus runs for all Enfield K-12 Students, Saint Bernard Students, Enfield Montessoi Students, Suffield Vo-Ag Students, Cheney Technical Students and CREC Civic Leadership High School can be found on the school website, the Journal Inquirer website and the Hartford Courant website.  They will also be in the pullout sections of the Reminder News and the Enfield Press prior to the start of school.
School Times:
K - 2       8:55 - 3:21
3 - 5        8:40 - 3:06
6 - 8        7:48 - 2:36
9 -12       7:26 - 2:02

Transportation of Students:

Policy #3541 Transportation of Students was revised and specifies the following distances for walkers to travel:
K-2 - up to 1 mile
3-5 - up to 1.25 miles
6-12 - up to 1.5 miles

Posted: 08-31-20