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K-12 Reading and Library Coordinator

Adrienne Snow

[email protected]

Henry Barnard Reading Department Teachers

Heidi Borski-

Melanie Evans-

Chrissy Turcotte-White-

Enfield Street Reading Department Teachers

Taryn Jennings-

Linda Paradise-

Hazardville Memorial Reading Department Teachers 

Kelley Pellegrini-

Angela Romero- [email protected]
Donna Schroyer-

Edgar Parkman Reading Department Teachers

Kara Stanio-

Allison Stapleton-

Eli Whitney Reading Department Teachers

Nicole Amburn-

Cindy Maggio-

Prudence Crandall  Reading Department Teachers

Joan Marsh-

Shannon Brown- [email protected]


JFK Assisted Reading teachers 

Renee Baillargeon-
Donna Dejordy-

Danielle [email protected]
Kristen Lavelle-
Tracy Langevin-
Sarah Mayo-

EHS Corrective Reading teacher

Eve Ellis-

EHS Assisted Reading teacher

Kara Pixton-

EHS Strategic Reading teacher

Rebecca Gilhuly-