Monthly Lunch Menus

Now accepting applications for part time and sub positions.  Call 860-253-6511 for info.

Please be aware that we are experiencing supply chain issues resulting in food and paper order deliveries delayed up to two weeks. The vendors aren't getting their orders which results in us being shorted even after waiting weeks for our delivery. So we have had to become very creative in dealing with food and paper shortages. Unfortunately since we do not know what we will be shorted until it arrives, we will have to make last minute changes to the current days menu. At this point we are still able to offer a choice of lunches but there may be a time, very shortly, that choices will become very limited. Supply chain issues compounded with the dramatic increase in participation are creating an extremely challenging time right now. Please understand we have no control over this and the entire foodservice staff is working harder than ever to have something for everyone to eat. We appreciate your patience and understanding.                     

Breakfast and Lunch are FREE for all students at all schools due to a federally funded waiver due to Covid for School Year 2021-22.

Please note that the current Elementary menu is a temporary menu.  At this time, we are very restricted as to what we can offer at the elementary schools because like last year, we are still delivering meals to the classroom. This restricts the types of foods that can be served as they have to be individually wrapped.  Once we can have the students come down and go thru the café line, we can go back to the menu that we used to offer. The administration is hoping this can happen soon. At that time, a new menu will be available with all the popular favorites like chicken nuggets, hamburger, taco salad day, fajita day, etc.



EHS LUNCH 2021-22 MENU pdf (002).docx

 Please contact Nutrition Service Office @ 860-253-6511 for any student refunds or to transfer funds to a sibling account.

Menu's are subject to change without notice. Due to unforeseen circumstances there may be times when we have to substitute items on the menus. When possible, we will give as much notice as we can. Thank you in advance for your understanding.