"We believe every child is unique and the diversity of our students is what makes Enfield Public Schools exceptional.To thrive and excel, all are welcomed, accepted, respected, and supported."District Equity Statement


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From: EPS Notifications
Subject: ETC Community Survey

We’re excited to announce ETC has begun rolling out a Community Survey! Some of you may already be familiar with the Youth Voices Count Survey, administered to 6-12 grade students. This survey asks students about substance misuse, mental health concerns, social media use and more. ETC determined that collecting data from a broad range of people would provide a more complete picture of the challenges in Enfield. The Community Survey is similar to the Youth Voices Count Survey, but a bit shorter for busy adults. 


The QR code and link to the survey have been posted on the ETC and Town Manager’s Facebook page. If you have not taken the survey yet, you’ll find the link below. Once you are done taking the survey yourself, I highly encourage you to share the post to your own Facebook page. The link to the ETC Facebook page can also be found below. This will ensure our survey reaches as many people as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out through email or by phone. Thank you for contributing your thoughts and helping create a safe and healthy community.

Community Survey: https://www.research.net/r/EnfieldAdultComm23


ETC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnfieldTogetherCoalition


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Click here to go to the survey!

With the bad weather coming, we wanted to remind you that YOU can manage how you receive notifications.
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ALERTS will be posted on all school websites ( www.enfieldschools.org ) and Twitter (@EnfieldPS)

See the chart below with the possibilities: 

You may choose to:

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