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Updating Your iPadOS

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Apple has put out some major updates to its educational platforms and programs. To ensure a better learning environment, we ask that students and staff take the time this weekend to update their iPad to 16.4 or the newest operating system available at that time. Also, while doing so, log out of their @enfieldschools.org AppleID and log back into it. With these major updates, a new connection needs to be established with the school-issued Apple IDs. If your device is already updated to the newest operating system, please skip to the steps of signing out and signing back into your Apple ID

Guided Written Directions:


Updating your iPad’s iOS (Operating System) to the Latest Update:

  1. Confirm that the device is connected to Wi-Fi and plug the device into a charger.
  2. Open iPad Settings > General > Software Update
  3. From this screen, you will want to confirm that Automatic Updates are turned on.
    1. Automatic Updates will run overnight if you keep the device on and plugged in every night. This is a great way to ensure your operating system is up to date and that the device is charged for school the next day.
  4. While still on the software update screen, you will see the option to update to iOS version 14.8 and an option to upgrade to iOS 15 > Select upgrade to iOS 15 and select Download and Install.
  5. Once the update is downloaded > Prepared > you will have an option to select Install now or it will start automatically. You will see a notification letting you know it is verifying an update and the device will restart. Keep the device connected to Power and it will re-boot to the newest iOS.
  6. Please note that this can take between 20-40 minutes depending on your connection speed.

Re-signing into Your Enfieldschools.org AppleID:

  1. Open the iPad Settings and select the Apple ID option in the top left corner,
    1. If it is currently signed in, it will have the user’s name listed. On the right side select sign out and unless the user has bookmarks or other information saved in Safari, they can just select sign out without toggling on an iCloud transfer of information.
    2. If there is no name listed in the Apple ID menu, please go ahead and skip to step 2.
    3. If you have logged into a personal Apple ID (anything other than your @enfieldschools.org email address), please sign out of that account and go to step two.
    4.  If there is no name, you can go ahead and go to step 2 and sign in.
  2. After signing out, sign back in using your school-issued Office365 (@enfieldschools.org) email address and password.
    1. Once you type in your school-issued email, you will be prompted with another window letting you know you are signing in with an AppleID for Enfield Public Schools > Select continue > and enter the password for the account and you will be signed in.

Once completed you are all set.