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iPad Frequently Asked Questions

Enfield Public Schools iPad Program
Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Why is Enfield Public Schools providing students with iPads?

The Enfield Public School believes that if we utilize technology to support best practices in teaching and learning, then we can engage and support all students.  We believe iPads support high quality instructional practices, engage students by providing authentic learning opportunities, promote equity by providing equal access, teach students responsible and respectful use of technology, and prepare students for college and career success.     

Why do I need a district-provided iPad, if I already have one?

Can I use my personal iPad?

The district-provided iPad is considered an essential curricular tool that students are expected to bring to school everyday.  Students must use the EPS-provided iPads in order for us to provide maintenance, security, updating, wireless access, and app distribution.  Essential resources and learning activities will only be available using the EPS-issued iPad.  Also while using this iPad, the WIFI signal will be stronger. 

How/when will my child obtain an iPad?

More information will be provided closer to the beginning of the school year.  

One Apple iPad, original Apple charger (power brick/cable), and keyboard/case will be loaned to the student in good condition, working order. If a student transfers out of the Enfield Public Schools district during the school year, the iPad must be returned at that time.

Parents and students must sign and return the Student/Parent Technology Handbook, Loss/Damage Waiver and the Acceptable Use Agreement documents before the iPad can be issued.

Who Owns the iPad?

The legal title to the electronic device belongs to the Enfield Public Schools District and shall at all times remain as such.

What are My Rights of Privacy?

The borrowed device is the property of the school district, it is subject to monitoring of use and search of contents at any time. There is no expectation of privacy in use or data stored on a district-owned device.

Can students personalize the iPad/cover?

No.  The iPads are the property of Enfield Public Schools. 

What do I do if I am a victim of theft or lose my iPad?
What do I do if my iPad is damaged?

By taking possession of a borrowed device, the borrower agrees to assume full responsibility for the safety, security, and care of the borrowed property. In a case of complete loss or theft occurring at school, the borrower must report the incident to a school representative and to technology department personnel from the district within one school day of the occurrence.

In the case of loss or theft occurring away from school, the borrower must report the incident to law enforcement officials of the jurisdiction within 24 hours of the occurrence and then provide documentation of the aforementioned law enforcement report to the school and technology department within one day of the occurrence.

Failure to comply with time limits set above will result in coverage, included in any *loss/damage waiver, to be rendered null and void resulting in student/parent/guardian assumption of full financial responsibility for the device.

For more information, please refer to the EPS iPad Handbook. 

What are the Replacement/Repair Costs? 
Is there a Loss/Damage Waiver to assist with Replacement/Repair Costs?

The replacement cost of the lost device is based on the cost of the replacement of the device at the time of loss. A student/parent/guardian is fully responsible for the replacement cost of any device lost while in their possession. Replacement costs for accessories including but not limited to, cases, charging cords, etc. will be based on the cost at the time of replacement.  

Enfield Public Schools provides a Loss/Damage Waiver Program to assist in the replacement cost of damaged or lost devices.  Parents/Guardians and students participating in this program are responsible for protecting the assigned device from loss or damage. If an accident or loss should occur, Enfield Public Schools will waive all or part of the responsibility for the financial loss, subject to a deductible of $25* per year, for parents/guardians who have chosen to participate in the Loss/Damage Waiver program. In exchange for this damage waiver coverage, Enfield Public Schools requires an annual contribution of $25.

Payment of the damage waiver fees may be paid through cash or by check payable to Enfield Public Schools. Coverage does not begin until the school has received payment. If you have additional questions, call your Principal / Dean’s office.

Savings Chart


Loss/Damage Waiver

Without Loss/Damage Waiver

Cost of Lost/Damaged iPad Per Occurrence



Replacement Cost of Charger/Accessories/Keyboard Per Occurrence


up to $100

Cost of Repair Per Occurrence


up to $400


A student’s right to use and possess the borrowed device terminates no later than the *last attendance day the student attends Enfield Public Schools unless terminated earlier by the District for noncompliance. If a student transfers out of the Enfield Public Schools district during the school year, the iPad must be returned at that time.

*High School Seniors must return the device after their last exam and prior to participating in any graduation activities. In order to participate in graduation ceremonies and receive diploma, all students must return their device by a specified deadline.

Can student iPads be tracked if they are lost or stolen?

Yes. Enfield Public Schools uses a Mobile Device Management Tool, Mosyle. Our Technology Department remotely manages all Apple devices. Students/Staff should contact an administrator immediately so the IT staff can try to locate the device. If iPads are lost or stolen, this must be reported to law enforcement officials and school administration.  For more detail, please reference the Student/Parent Technology Handbook.

Can I use the iPad at home?

Yes. All devices will connect to home or public wireless networks if one is present. All Enfield Public Schools usage expectations and policies pertain to the device in school and on home networks.

Are there any restrictions and/or content filtering on usage of the iPad? 

Enfield Public Schools provides content filtering in compliance with existing district and state policies, both on the school network and on external networks. 

What if I leave my iPad at home or it is undergoing repair?

EPS Tech Support Center will be staffed by a technician who is available to assist both staff and students with iPad issues.

In special circumstances, EPS will offer loaner iPads to students. These loaner iPads are located in the Central Office and dependent upon availability and approval by school staff.  If students leave their iPad at home, they are responsible for getting the course work completed as if they had their iPad present. If a student repeatedly leaves their iPad at home, they may be subject to academic and/or behavioral consequences, as specified by school administration and faculty.

Do students need to have an iTunes/AppleID account?

Students will be issued a “managed” EPS AppleID that will enable them to download all necessary educational applications.  Students will be provided with training and instructions on how to access the apps and additional resources they need.  Students should not log into EPS devices using any personal AppleIDs. 

What if my iPad is not charged when needed?

iPads must be brought to school each day, fully-charged. Repeat violations will be handled in a manner developed by school personnel, according to the school and classroom policies. iPads should be charged in the evening, as automatic iOS updates will occur overnight while device is plugged in.   

Will software updates be performed?  
Automatic iOS updates will occur overnight while device is plugged in.  

Can parents monitor what apps are put on their student's iPads?

Students will only have access to download Apps that have been approved for educational use.  Parents are welcome to view the Apps that have been downloaded and/or the Apps available in the EPS App Store (Mosyle). 

Will students still be using textbooks?

Yes. The iPads will also provide online access to the textbooks in addition to digital resources to support student learning. 

Will students be allowed to put personal content on the iPads (i.e. music, photos, videos, apps)?

Yes, students will be able to have personal content on the iPads.  Because the device is property of the Enfield Public Schools, the iPad and its contents are subject to monitoring of use and search of contents at anytime. 

What happens if students use their iPads inappropriately?

Expectations and procedures delineated in our student handbook, Acceptable Use Policy and Student/Parent iPad Technology Handbook address the rules and enforcement related to appropriate use of technology.  Non-compliance with the expectations of the student handbook or teacher expectations may result in the loss of privilege with or, restricted access to, EPS provided technology in addition to school consequences. 

How will students be able to access their documents from the iPads?

We are an Office365 district.  This means that students are able to work in the Office365 Apps on their device; their progress and documents will automatically be saved to “the cloud.”  This allows students to work on documents from any internet connected device (computer, smartphone, iPad).  In the event an internet connection is not available outside of school, students are still able to work on downloaded documents.  Enfield Public Schools is not responsible for any data loss that may occur.

For more information, please see the EPS-Tech Support Page and look for the iPad Technology Handbook  on the EPS  website. 

Updated 09.08.23