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Nutrition Services Update
Changes as of April 19, 2021

Dear Enfield Public Schools Families,
Monday, April 19th, brings back all students who wish to return to in person learning, four days a week.  Please check the menu website for changes to menu item offerings at the schools.
Also, starting April 19th, we will be changing to Wednesday only pick up of meals for students and preschool aged children who do not have access to meals in school. Pickup of meals for students on Wednesdays is the same as it has been, between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., and can be ordered in advance. Please contact or at 860-253-5559 to arrange for meals. Please order meals 3:00 pm the day before meal pick up. If you have not preordered, you can still pick up meals. There may be a slight wait for meals that are not preordered. If you have any special dietary needs or other issues of concern, please contact Rita French, Manager, at 860-253-5559.


Due to a temporary waiver available from the USDA, beginning Monday, November 2, 2020 all children age 18 and younger are eligible to   receive a free breakfast and lunch through the National School Meals Program. This will apply to children who attend in-person learning, children in distance learning and children who do not attend school. This free meal program is available because of the Covid-19 pandemic and will be federally funded until the end of the current school year in June 2021.

In person students will receive full meals the same as they are now, but at no charge. There is still a charge for “milk only” purchases or if students at the Middle and High school purchase “a la carte” items.

Please note, this is not a change to your current meal status. When the waiver expires at the end of this school year, your current meal status will be carried over for the first 30 days of the new school year. While all meals will be at no charge, you will still need to complete an application to be eligible for other  benefits associated with a Free or Reduced meal status – reduced student sport and iPad insurance fees, ERfC child care programs discounts, cable internet discounts, etc.

Q.  Do I need to do anything to get the free meals like complete a waiver or let Nutrition Services know I want them?

         A.  No, you do not need to do anything. A full reimbursable breakfast and                         lunch meal is FREE to all Students.

At the elementary level, your child orders a breakfast or lunch with the teacher just like before. The meal will be rung onto the students account, at no charge. There is a charge if they want “milk only” because they brought a meal from home as the waiver only applies to full meals.

At JFK and EHS, the student goes thru the lunch line and selects the full meal (which includes choice of 3 to 5 different items with one being a fruit or vegetable) and is rung up at no charge. If the student wants something a la carte for example , like just a pizza slice, just a milk or water or ice cream or cookie, then the student will need to pay at the cashier with money or use monies on their account.

When picking up remote meals at Enfield High School, you will need to call and let us know your name and how many children under the age of 18 you will need meals for. You do not have to provide student ID numbers, and the children do not have to attend Enfield Schools.


Q.  I have a negative balance on my account from purchases before November 2, 2020. Do I still owe that money?

A.  Yes, you will need to put money on your students account to pay off the negative balance. The free meals apply to meals received after November 2, 2020.

Q.  I have money on my students account, what happens to that money since meals are free?

A.  Money on accounts can be used for a la cart purchases. All money on student accounts stays with the student from year to year, it follows them to their next grade level and school. When a student moves out of district or graduates, any money left on the students account can be transferred to a sibling in the school system or refunded. Contact Nutrition Services to arrange for a transfer or a refund of money on student accounts.

Q.  I am set up for auto payments to my students’ lunch account. They do not need any more money on their account, what do I do?

              A. Go into your account and turn off AutoPay if you have it scheduled.

Q.  Does this mean my students now have a FREE meal status that makes me eligible for reduced fees?

A. No, this is a waiver so that Nutrition Services can claim all the meals served at the FREE rate of reimbursement. A student’s meal status is determined by filling out a Free/Reduced Meal Application OR is receiving SNAP or other qualifying benefits so that the students name is listed on the Direct Certification list we receive from the State Dept. of Education.  

Q. I do not need to receive free meals, can I pay for meals instead?

A. Since this is a district wide waiver, it applies to all students who chose a reimbursable meal. It is funded by a Federal grant, there is no cost for the district.

Covid Related Changes:
As you are aware, due to the current circumstances many things have changed in our department. The modified menus can be found under Monthly Lunch Menus. Applications for Free & Reduced price meals are being
sent electronically to families with email addresses on
file and will be mailed out to those who don't. Applications are also available on our website and at all the schools and at  Central Office.
All the schools will be eating in their classrooms and
"hot" lunch at the elementary level is currently a "cold" lunch. JFK and EHS lunches are also very different, please refer to the menus to see the changes. There is also information in the menu section about how to arrange to pick up meals when your student is not physically at school.

Breakfast has also had to be modified and will begin on September 14th for the Elementary Schools. There is information on the Elementary Menu about those changes. JFK and EHS breakfast has also had modifications. Please refer to information sent home to parents for those schools. 

Thank you for your understanding of these changes and we look forward to returning to "normal" whenever that may be!
If there is anything we haven't addressed that you still have questions about please call us at 860-253-6511.

Important Information concerning Graduated Senior Students or students who have withdrawn with Balances left on Account.
Please contact our office to arrange for a refund for any SENIOR or withdrawn students who have monies left on their account. All other students monies will automatically transfer to their new assigned school. Please call 860-253-6511 and please leave a message if there is no answer. We will return your call as soon as possible.
Thank you,

Nutrition Services Department