Mathematics K-5




The focus of the district mathematics program is to help students develop an appreciation for numeracy and its role in society. Students are to receive instruction appropriate to the five content domains: numerical and proportional reasoning; geometry and measurement; working with data; probability and statistics; algebraic reasoning and integrated understanding at each grade level. Optimum learning occurs when mathematics is taught in concert with other disciplines and students are then able to perform competently in real world situations. Our mathematics curriculum provides our students with numerous and varied integrated experiences that encourage them to value math.


Elementary Math Department

Diana Labich
Elementary Math Coordinator 860-253-6534


Henry Barnard Maria Ruotolo 860-253-6540
Prudence Crandall Cathy LaTaille 860-253-6464
Enfield Street Karen Slattery 860-253-6565
Nathan Hale Beth Radkovich 860-763-8899
Hazardville Memorial Jennifer McCarthy 860-763-7500
Edgar H. Parkman Angela Foss 860-253-6570
Eli Whitney Michelle Bellafronte 860-763-7540