District Goals 2018-19

Goal #1:

To provide opportunities for success of all students and further enhance the learning environment of the Enfield Public Schools.

ToA If we develop, implement, and monitor interventions that address the most significant challenges that impact students, then all students will have the opportunity to be successful

Goal #2 :
To attract and retain high quality professionals to the Enfield Public Schools and ensure all of Enfield’s educators demonstrate continuous improvement.

ToA If a comprehensive system of attracting highly qualified staff and providing support for educator growth and development is based on clear and rigorous expectations for pedagogy, then educators will strengthen their professional practices over time, resulting in a highly effective and consistent district workforce, as well as improve student performance

Goal #3: 
To ensure the scope and sequence of the PreK -12 curricula and related programming is both achievable and delivered to all students in the Enfield Public Schools

ToA If we develop and implement comprehensive and viable curricula and related programming, then students will be engaged and challenged, empowering them to become productive members of society who are college and career ready.

Goal #4 :
To maintain and develop enduring partnerships between the Enfield Public Schools and business, educational, and community organizations.

ToA If we maintain and expand partnerships and establish new alliances, then we will have organizational relationships that will increase opportunities for Enfield Public Schools students and families.

Goal #5
To explore the development of a specialized learning center that will create opportunities for students to succeed through individualized instruction, intensive supports, and a network of care within the Enfield community.

ToA  If we explore and then develop a specialized learning center, students will acquire the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral skills necessary to become productive and successful members of their school and community