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Press Release - Integrated Pre-Kindergarten Program


From:    Laurie Seigel, PK-5 Speech and Language Coordinator
Date:     January 31, 2020

Enfield Integrated Pre-Kindergarten Program

The Enfield Public Schools Integrated Pre-Kindergarten Program has openings for peer partners for the upcoming 2020/2021 school year. If your child will be 3 years of age by May 11th, 2020 and you are interested in the Enfield Integrated Pre-Kindergarten Program, please contact us. Mrs. Laurie Seigel, Coordinator of Special Education at 860-253-6519 is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the peer partner pre-kindergarten program available for 3 year olds.


Application are available at any Enfield Public School or on our website at www.enfieldschools.org.

Posted:  01-31-20