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EPS Elementary iPads Apps
Cost ITEM Subject
Free Inference Ace:, v2.5 Literacy
Free Symmetry Exercises for Kids Lite, v2.3 Literacy
Free iMovie, v2.2.5 Literacy
Free ItemClips, v2.0.3
Free iTunes U, v3.6 Literacy
Free Keynote, v4.0.1 Literacy
Free GarageBand, v2.3.3 Literacy
Free Numbers, v4.0.1 Numeracy
Free Phonics Reader Lite, v1.0.9 Literacy
Free SPELLING MAGIC 3, v4.7 Literacy
Free READING MAGIC 5-Silent Final e Words, v2.7 Literacy
Free READING MAGIC 3-Learning to Read Consonant Blends Through Advanced Phonics Games, v3.0 Literacy
Free READING MAGIC 2-Learning to Read Consonant Blends Through Advanced Phonics Games, v3.0 Literacy
Free SPELLING MAGIC 2, v4.4 Literacy
Free Pages, v4.0.1 Literacy
Free ABC Phonics Spelling Free - Short Vowels, Consonants, Blend Sound, Digraphs, v1.02 Literacy
Free Spelling Words: Free Card Matching Game, v2.0 Literacy
Free ABC Phonics Make a Word Free - Short Vowel App for Kindergarten and First Grade kids, v2.02 Literacy
Free ABC MAGIC PHONICS 4-Matching Pictures to Letters, v3.4 Literacy
Free  MAGIC PHONICS 3-Letter Sound Matching, v4.2 Literacy
Free ABC MAGIC PHONICS 5-Connecting Sounds and Letters, v3.0 Literacy
Free ABC MAGIC PHONICS 2, v2.8 Literacy
Free ABC MAGIC PHONICS-Learning Sounds and Letters, v4.2 Literacy
Free VocabularySpellingCity, v2.0.5 Literacy
Free Subitize This!, v1.1.0 Literacy
Free Number Frames, by the Math Learning Center, v1.3.3 Numeracy
Free ABC MAGIC PHONICS 6-Phonics Card Matching Recall, v2.2 Literacy
Free Zorbit's Math: K Measurement, v2.2.2 Numeracy
Free Telling Time - 8 Games to Tell Time, v2.0 Numeracy
Free Numbers up to 100, v1.5 Numeracy
Free MathTango, v1.2 Numeracy
Free Drill Math Word Problems, v1.8.0 Numeracy
Free Space Numbers Place Value, v1.0 Numeracy
Free Ten Frame Mania, v2.0 Numeracy
Free Line 'em Up, v1.6.0 Numeracy
Free Count Sort, v1.6.5 Numeracy
Free 10 Frame Fill, v1.6.0 Numeracy
Free Number Line, by the Math Learning Center, v3.1.8 Numeracy
Free Fractions+ Lite, v1.94 Numeracy
Free Virtual Manipulatives!, v1.4 Numeracy
Free Geoboard, by The Math Learning Center, v2.2.4 Numeracy
Free Math Kid, v2.0.1 Numeracy
Free Kahoot! - Play Learning Games, v2.4.1 Numeracy
Free Count Money !, v1.3.1 Numeracy
Free Money Bingo, v1.3 Numeracy
Free Tell Time ! !, v1.5 Numeracy
Free Pizza Fractions 1, v1.8 Numeracy
Free Amazing Coin - Kids Money Learning Counting Games, v3.1 Numeracy
Free Pattern Shapes, by the Math Learning Center, v2.1.3 Numeracy
Free Money Count Kid, v1.1 Numeracy
Free Money Professor Free, v1.0 Numeracy
Free Treasure Count, v1.0 Numeracy
Free Number Rack, by The Math Learning Center, v2.3.4 Numeracy
Free Epic!, v1.26 Numeracy
Free Fractions - by Brainingcamp, v4.1.0 Numeracy
Free ChatterPix Kids - by Duck Duck Moose, v1.3 Literacy
Free Number Pieces Basic, by the Math Learning Center, v2.1.3 Numeracy
Free Pic Collage - Photo Editor, v7.34.15 Literacy
Free Teaching Number Lines, v2.0 Numeracy
Free Cimo & Snow Spelling Pals Lite, v6.2 Literacy
Free ST Math: School Version, v14.5.1 Literacy
Free Animoto Video Slideshow Maker, v9.7.0 Literacy
Free Sushi Monster, v1.7.4 Literacy
Free Microsoft OneDrive, v10.15.6 Literacy
Free ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard, v8.3.6 Literacy
Free Kids A-Z, v3.20.0 Literacy
Free Microsoft PowerPoint, v2.13 Literacy
Free Pocket: Save Stories for Later, v6.6.25 Literacy
Free Google Chrome, v66.0.3359.122 Literacy
Free Microsoft Excel, v2.13 Literacy
Free BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week, v1.0.2 Literacy
Free Popplet Lite, v2.2 Literacy
Free Microsoft Word, v2.13 Literacy
Free QR Reader for iPhone, v6.4 Literacy
Free Educreations, v2.2.13 Literacy
Free Cimo & Snow Spelling Pals Lite, v6.2
Free A Number Math App - practice basic elementary number facts for kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade kids - FREE, v1.3.0 Literacy
Free ABC SPELLING MAGIC, v5.4 Literacy
Free National Geographic Kids, v2.3.6 Literacy
Free Grades K to 5 Kids Math Games, v5.5.4 Literacy
Free Duel Math Games 1st -4th Grade, v12.13 Literacy
Free Math Fight: 2 Player Math Game, v1.6 Literacy
Free Hopscotch: Make Games, v3.27.6 Literacy
Free Coding Games For Kids, v2.2.9 Literacy
Free ScratchJr, v1.2.5 Literacy
Free Sight Words: Kids Learn, v4.0 Literacy
Free Gopher Finding Lite, v3.3 Literacy
Free Main Idea -Sentences, v2.6 Literacy
Free ST Math: School Version, v14.5.1 Numeracy
Free Lexia Reading Core5, v2.8.100 Literacy